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Recently bought a new computer?


Have you recently bought a new computer or upgraded. We will come to you and setup your computer staying as long as it takes to get the system running the way you want it to.

We will transfer all your data from your old computer to your new computer, setup and install your software which you require such as Skype & Microsoft Office, install all the drivers for your printers and other peripherals and get all the updates for your operating system running.

If you are in need of a specific piece of hardware or software, give us a shout, we are able to source components and are able to set them up for you.

Operating Systems


As of 2016, Windows 10 is the latest operating system made available to you by Microsoft. Our team highly recommends that you make the upgrade if you haven’t already transitioned over to it yet.

If you are still wanting to make the transition or have had issues doing it yourself then drop us a line and we’ll be able to assist.

Virus Removal


In today’s fast moving world, security is crucial and having a virus on your computer is very harmful to ones private data.

Often if you are experiencing slow computing over time it could come down to malware / virus which affects the amount of resources your computer is using at any given moment.

We are able to assist in removing most viruses*.

*Please note that we are unable to assist in removing “ransomware” and the tool needed will vary depending on the type of virus.

Data Transition


Setting up a new computer requires one to transfer the data from the old computer to the new computer.

We are able to assist in the transitioning of your data ensuring that it is safely moved between the computers.

We are also able to move over media such as music, videos and software such as email applications.

In the event that you have your email set up on the old computer we will gladly move the whole email setup over to the new computer.

WiFi Installation


We are able to assist in setting up a wireless network in your house.

If you have dead zones in your house where the WiFi does not reach then we have a few solutions which may assist.

Our team can also assist in the set up so that you can stream media in your living room without having to have cables running around the room.

Security is an important factor which we are able to look at, depending on the devices in the house we can make your privacy a top priority.

Component Installation


If you are looking for a new component for your computer we may be able to assist. We are able to source various different components.

We can also source computers or laptops ranging from basic entry level computers up to top of the range, world class gaming computers or laptops as well as accessories for various devices.

Our Two Cents

All computers require regular maintenance to ensure trouble-free use. It is not just business computers that require maintenance, it is just as important to keep your home PC serviced and maintained regularly to help reduce the risk of data loss and damage. Every computer constantly changes; software is updated, new applications are installed and storage is being used – each one of these changes could potentially cause a problem. As if that’s not enough to worry about, computers connected to networks such as the Internet, wireless networks or business networks are exposed to the additional risks posed by poor security.

Why is computer maintenance important? A commonly used analogy is that computers are like cars, requiring regular service and check-ups to ensure they run efficiently and provide trouble-free motoring. Without this regular maintenance your computer could breakdown.

We can provide you or your business with regular computer support which minimizes the chances of something going wrong. We’ll make sure your computer is up-to-date with the latest versions of software, operating system patches and that the appropriate level of security is implemented.

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